Controlling Busy Airports in TS1

Hey guys I was the ATC at KNUC and I was handling like 30 aircraft it was crazy I had like aircraft after aircraft taking off straight after the first one I think that I need an award or something for handling 30 to 40 aircraft all in a 30 NM area I was the tower and ground I think that I am good enough to become an expert ATC Controller this was on the TS1 server

Take test first.


Would I need to contact a atc recruiter?


Yes, here is the topic which include all requirements and recruiters

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yes, check help pages on the forum for assistance using Expert ATC


No awards available! Sorry. Join IFATC if you can with the link to the topic above.

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That’s all good, but it doesn’t matter. How many errors is the real question.

You don’t need an award bud. Many people have handled that many pilots. What you do need is a point in the direction of IFATC. There are no awards. Sorry. But hope to see you controlling on Expert someday


Great to hear your confident buddy!
I say go for the test, at this rate you should ace it, all the best.

Would be a shame if you cleared me for immediate takeoff but I stood still on the hold short line, leaving all the other aircraft behind me stuck 😈.

Just kidding bud, contact a recruiter for IFATC and all the best 😉


You really don’t need to brag, just follow the normal recruitment procedures like everyone else has.


How many noobs were there that didn’t listen

@Callum_Brayshaw… MaxSez: Bang the drum slowly son! Self praise indicates insecurity and the desire for unearned recognition. Peer praise is the goal. Ya gotta work for it.


You want an award huh? I’m sure @Maxmustang has a peanut award for you. If you’re ever accepted into IFATC I’ve got another one to hand out for ya. Bring out the participation trophys because no one can be a looser anymore.


Thank you for making my day with your ridiculousness. Here’s your participation award: 🏆

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