Controlling Boston Radar for the Boston Fly-in Event! (IFATC Timelapse)

Hey y’all!

I’m back with another Boston timelapse! This time I was able to catch the end of the official Boston Fly-in Event held yesterday on 10/25! I had a nice relaxing session as the last of the event arrivals trickled in, hope y’all enjoy!

Server: Expert Server
Airport: Boston Logan International Airport (KBOS)
Controllers: Ground/Tower/ATIS - @David_Mullen
Approach & Departure - @JAR
Date: 2022-10-26T02:35:00Z2022-10-26T03:35:00Z


This was outstanding. It was so nice to see you work your magic. I can’t wait to continue my officer training when I get the free time keep up the great work bud!


I can’t wait to become IFATC

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Thank you!! Good luck with your training, really rewarding to complete!

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Keep working and you’ll get there in no time! :)

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