Controlling Boston Logan Airport for 12 HOURS! - IFATC TImelapse

Hey y’all! Its been a while since my last Boston video… so we’re back! I got a bit carried away with Boston as the HUB airport a couple weeks ago, and ended up controlling for 12 hours straight! With 10 hours on local control and another 2 hours on TRACON, this is by far my longest session ever. I had a lot of fun building up traffic throughout the night as arrivals started pouring in. Hope y’all enjoy, and as always feel free to comment if you see yourself flying in or out!

Date & Time: February 10th, 2024 2136Z - February 11th, 2024 0942Z
Server: Expert
Airport: Boston Logan International Airport (KBOS)
Runways in Use:
(0:00 - 2:40): 22R; (2:40 - 5:50): 33L
(0:00 - 2:40): 22L; (2:40 - 5:50): 27
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@Declan @Suungx2 @NavigateNinja @JAR
@MJMN @AviationChampion


Keep up the good work my friend!

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this is fire

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Thank you! And thanks for the help with this session! :)

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Thanks, I appreciate it!

Not sure what ARTCC means but Timelapse’s are always really cool! Nice job!

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Thanks! ARTCC stands for Air Route Traffic Control Centers, its just what Centers are referred to as IRL haha

Oh, the abbreviation didn’t register in my head lol.