Controlling Birmingham (EGBB) on ATC Playground [CLOSED]

Again, I’m controlling at EGBB for some ATC Practice. Come along and enjoy!

  1. Feedback Appreciated
  2. Please use runway 15 for Take-off and landings
  3. Pattern work is accepted

Roger - on my way. Will do some pattern work. Name: IFATC Jasper

I Will come

Sorry Internet cut out.

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Coming back?

I am back already.

I din’t see you

Not for me unfortunately :/

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Hold on, somethings gone wrong.

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Sorry for this inconvenience fellow flyers, I will try again.

Youre back :)


Do you read my feedback?

PM Me again.

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Please PM me my mistakes :)

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Nothing to be Sorry about ;) and btw Dush makes tight patterns - beware ;)

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Are you a recuiter?

Oh Cheetos. Hell is about to break loose.

Nope, I’m not

I am
Also not I am in test have to be an advance atc

If anything is wrong, Please PM Me.

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