Controlling ATC with the IPhone XR

Hello IFC, I am bringing forward a bug I’m not sure is only exclusive to my device but I am not seeing any topics about it so I’ll go ahead and create this one. Down below are some images of a previous session controlling KLAX on TS1.

Here you see the normal Layout & UI for ATC. Everything smooth right? Not exactly.

Now as we can see here the UI has completely swallowed my entire radar screen and the tower cam making it very difficult to control anywhere and creates undue delays for others.

The only temporary fix I found so far is to disable your screen lock and continuously flip your phone screen every time it happens, quit your session, or just get very lucky and it will stop and go back to normal ( not a guarantee it won’t happen again.)

Like I said from before I don’t know if this is a known issue since there are no other topics about it, I just want the devs to be aware of this pesky little issue for the iPhone XR and maybe other newer iPhone devices.

Until then Happy Landings Community - Ofnir

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I feel like IF is designed more for tablets than phones

Phones have to adjust to the IF displays, and since they are smaller, it is harder for them to provide the same experience as iPads do.

That’s my take on the situation and with phones in general.

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Hello there @AgentQuu ,

What are settings on this screen? Have you tried changing them in iOS Accessibility on your phone?

I know that they have an impact on some of the UI as a pilot.

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Yes I have the same settings as you do. None of my zoom features have been touched

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That is true. But I’ve never had this problem before when I had the iPhone 7. It ran just as crisp as the iPad version. Not saying the XR doesn’t, this is really the only prevalent bug I’ve found with the device besides some of the UI layout.

I also have this problem… but this problem occurs only when you rotate your screen when controlling, so I normally just on rotation lock


Okay so I’ve run a few tests as well with @Chris_S and we’ll pass along this information to the devs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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All good. Won’t stop me from controlling at all. Just wanted to bring it to the devs attention 👍

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