Controlling at Newark

A one hour and 15 minute session as Tower at KEWR. Approach closed soon after I opened, which led to a lot of traffic, and a lot of fun! I was assisted by @Kaj on ground, which helped a lot!

Runways in use:

Arrivals: 22L, 22R
Departures: 22R, 11

The hub airline of Newark has some majestic aircraft.

An Air Canada A330 lands, with traffic in line for departure.

A United 777 rotates with company traffic at the terminal

More A330 action, this time by SAS

A close shot of a United 787 with departing traffic in the background

Showcasing United’s variety of aircraft!

Thanks for viewing my photos. To those of you who were flying at the time of me controlling, I appreciate you following instructions (those of you who did 🙃).

I had a lot of fun handling the influx of arrivals without an approach controller, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Have a good rest of your day/evening.


Awesome pics, that’s a lot of traffic!
Too bad I haven’t been able to fly to EWR at all this week. Hopefully it’s busy tomorrow.

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It was a lot of traffic.
I actually surprised myself when I noticed the line I had created.

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Was the SAS A330 taking off or landing? I was flying from EWR to Stockholm yesterday in a SAS A330. I’m wondering if that’s me. It looks like it’s landing though

Nicely done!

I should thank you for bringing EWR traffic under good control and even being able to take some epic pics!

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If you need someone to Control a American airport…

Call Will


No wonder you vectored me into a mountain if this is what you’re doing while you’re controlling


What else would I do?

We get to view our replays just like flights 😉

Good pictures! I flew here in an Air Canada E175 👍

And a crashing 777 after a 12 hour flight because I asked for more time (my parents were nagging to play a game) and they were constantly distracting me, so I suddenly stalled, and crashed.

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Glad I could assist. It was fun controlling with you

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I would fly to KEWR but I have to check good route my va would let me fly into that busy airspace with! if I knew u were controlling @Will_A I would be there in no time bro btw love those pics u took fantastic!

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Awesome pictures my friend!


Haha I’m convinced I am in two of the photos. First I did DEN-EWR and landed around 1200Z, then took off EWR-MUC around 1215Z. I’m the 757 and the 767, both call sign UVAL122. Was that me @Will_A?

I honestly have no idea. I click random spots on the timeline and see if I can get a photo.

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Wow! Great photos, very busy indeed! I am hopefully gonna get a flight out of there soon!

Nice work bud