Controlling at @ KDEN [CLOSED]

Hey guys I’m opening KDEN right now. I need some professional criticism! Hope to see you all there on Training Server 2

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I’m almost done with my controlling session, I will attend yours after.

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I’ll be open as long as I can lol

I’ll be there soon. Have a few things to take care of first

Coming now in Air new Zeland 787 as newzealand97super

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Don;t think I can make it anymore

Are you still there?

He is still controlling.

Nice work controlling and sequencing! Especially with the heavy and light aircraft.

Did you approve N443MM’s frequency change yet?

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I have no complaints, very well done! 😀👍🏻

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STOP IT ❤️😭😭😭 lol I got so frustrated by that guy

Thank you lol it was fun controlling you guys, I feel I did a little better then normal. I’ve been studying the sequencing hard and the difference between option and landing and when you sequence that’s not a landing clearness so I still have to clear you to touch down


I am so frustrated with this guy. I know he is a noob but literally how hard is it to change ones frequency? You DO NOT SPAM FOR FREQUENCY CHANGE!! Lol

Thank you to everyone who came!!! You guys have been the highlight of the evening :) stay safe and smooth landings ❤️

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Good ATC overall but I took off in the ANZ 787 an you clears the frontier a319 for takeoff and I had just about wheels off. You have to wait before clearing another

We have minimal separation standards here. Once an aircraft’s wheels are off the ground, it’s fair game for the next guy. ;)


Gotcha, I thought I would just let him know about FAA legal requirements of at least 5nm from wheels up or 1500ft up. Simple.

NE14SX hear! I flew from ASE-DIA and no clue you were controlling so it was a nice surprise. Don’t get much traffic in Denver when I fly. Anywho thanks for the great landing!


There are a lot of reasons why some FAA requirements don’t apply here. One, namely chief among them, is wake turbulence. Unless the team decides to say otherwise and add it, the 2 -2 1/2 -3 minute intervals, depending on centerline separation and runway placement, won’t happen.

If we spent every waking moment adding each regulation from the .65, Tyler would be an alcoholic, we’d all quit school, and most of us would work part time jobs at a Walmart stocking cans to finance Live and juggle the years of training it takes to come close to that stuff. Efficiency and spreading information is key, and we’ll continue to do that through the great (and still growing) programs in place. :)


Oh I completely understand, I think you misunderstood. My bad. I was being sarcastic. Lol. @JoshFly8