Controlling at KASE ( ADV server)

No problem. I saw it on a television programme a while ago. :)

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if we talk about IRL most of the things that are seen in IF you should not see … how heavy in KASE, London City, inbound files in almost all airports with ATC, so never mind … we are in a simulator where we nonprofessional controllers give the maximum to give a more real experience as possible, never mind the crap and enjoy your experience.

I will like to see you controlling in busy KASE…

@YYJPilot6590 not sure wether the CRJ 700 is heavier than the ERJ 175 or not tbh

It probably is

True that is a lot of things that you see in IF that are not true to life. However I try to repulacate real life where I can, certainly I don’t get it right all the time but I try! I like it when the controllers and others also try to keep it real, surely that is the point of the Advanced server?

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Sure. I’ll hit you up when I’m controlling!

It will be a lot easier when holding patterns are released. Having to vector a holding pattern now is a daunting task.


Can’t wait,in PG?

the CRJ is bigger

I’d go into a holding pattern if it means realistic approaches and departures. I do understand it’s hard for just tower to do with lots of traffic, but, normally if theirs that much traffic approach will be active. Approach should Handel the separation for this procedures. Again, if they put people in holding patterns it wouldn’t be aweful.

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That’s still means that planes could be waiting for up to 15 minutes to depart. It’s not practical. This is what I’m saying.

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Yeah. Invite friends, let’s try and fill KASE up!

Very true.

Also, very true. But it is possible.


I’m ready to see you choke



Guys, this thread was too highlight operational matters at KASE, NOT to start a argument about overloading ATC


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