Controlling at KASE ( ADV server)

They do during the winter time (winter vacation spot) but summer time is slow.

Certain times in the summer like the 4th of July or weekends, the airport can get pretty busy… (Obviously a lot more private and corporate then commercial)

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Really? I haven’t crashed once, and I’ve attempted that takeoff in a A380… (Just to prove a point)

Secondly. As above, if you have that many inbounds it would be near impossible to do this.


I’m with @David_Lockwood on this one, I had problems taking off RWY 15 in a heavy Dash using flaps 15 and 98% thrust. Stalled, crashed and so he’s right.


Seen many A380’s IRL take off from there?? you can land an A380 at LCY but does that make it realistic. In this sim you can take off and clear those mountains however IRL you would at worse damage your aircraft by the g forces at worse end up spread over a hillside. Is the Advanved server not for those who want to make it realistic?

It’s just like the 550 GS above 10000 rule. Just bevause YOU CAN go that fast it dosnt mean you SHOULD.


Ok. Well the second you can come up with someway to make this work let me know. Don’t shout for solutions if you don’t have an answer yourself. Tówer and approach can’t always be private messaging eachother… So what’s your plan? And yes, I know it dosent make it realistic. But if you can’t find a solution, and planes can takeoff a majority of the time without fault. Leave it.


Umm, not sure he’s “shouting” for a solution, all David is saying is that it’s a diffucult take off sequence when you have to climb fast and bank as well :/

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I understand that. But if you put this into perspective it is legitimately impossible.

I was not SHOUTING about the subject…however it was something that annoyed me slightly ( no tears I got over it) but thought worth a discussion in the community so that people are aware of it and could possible come up with a solution amongst us?

With approach the matter is easier as they can assist by bunching say 3 or 4 closer together and then leave a larger gap in order to get two or three out in time. If no approach then TWR can instruct aircraft to do 360’s, speed up, slow down etc in order to produce the spacing.

As on advanced server would also help that the pilots should be aware of this requirement at this airport ( can live in hope!) but at least this thread might highlight it for those who have not heard of it before.

To clarify: Departures from Runway 15 ARE allowed in real life, but only in the event of strong southerly winds AND with the written permission of the airport manager. Now, until airport staff positions become simulated in Infinite Flight, I think we’ll have to make do with the runway usage being at the discretion of the controller ;)

It is safe to say that departures from 15 are extremely rare, but certainly not unsafe when properly executed. Still, departures from 33 and arrivals on 15 continue to be standard procedure irl, and in IF when the controller’s aim is to be as realistic as possible. I know mine certainly is :)

Proof for all of this: a video showing a business jet departing from runway 15


because Aspen only has like 5 flights a day

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We’ll that’s very little actually more than very little…what about the wind…

Interestingly…and maybe surprisingly…the largest commercial aircraft I can find operating out of KASE is an ERJ-175

I am very glad somebody said this! Real life procedures should be followed.


Well with the amount of traffic in IF…that would require a lot of effort

That is the point. ALL Advanced server controllers should be good enough to handle it.


usually united express does ASE-DEN with the CRJ
heres some links

Rem IRL there isn’t that much traffic…so using the runway as IRL would be difficult… One would have to hold for around 30min in high traffic

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Exactly. The controller would have to get some kind of stacking method going, a bit like this one -


That’s what that’s called. Every time I look at London on Flightradar24, I constantly wonder why aircraft are out in holding positions. Thank you for sharing.

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