Controlling at ATC mode is hard

Hello there everyone, notice some things…
When i playing IF as a ATC in KLAX for example, when there is too many planes, they start disappear and you cant control them… And sometimes there can be a plane, that asking you for departures, but you cant say cleared for takeoff, cuz there is no button, cuz game thinks plane is in the air for now (only airborne available)

Please fix that thing, its so boring.

My device: Samsung S21 Ultra
OC: Android 12

The reason why you couldn’t clear them for takeoff is most likely because you were Ground Controller, if you were Tower Controller you have the option to clear them for takeoff.

Im a tower controller.

Hey! Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with your ATC sessions.

Is what you’re experiencing similar to this topic below?

If so, it’s a known issue by the staff and they’re working on server infrastructure upgrades to try and resolve it. In the meantime, try using a VPN while controlling and see if that helps.

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