Controlling Americano or Filtered Coffee

Hey IFC!

Today I did a controlling session for @PocketRishi’s and @ran’s event. It was a great event with quite a lot of traffic. They did a flight from VOBL to KSEA where I did control Tower, Ground and ATIS is KSEA while @Kamryn had VOBL.


Server: Expert
Controller: me
Planes: about 25
Messages: 457

Here is a photo showing all the traffic


I hope you liked them! Let me know any feedback below!


Nice pictures, must’ve been fun. This would best fit #screenshots-and-videos though.

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I though I had it there 😂 moves now

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There we go! A good video is up now

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That looks busy 👀

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Wow that looks great and some fantastic controlling, must have been quite stressful especially with all those planes inbound at the same time! Hope to see you controlling radar soon, keep it up!

Cign :)

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Thank you guys! Yeah it was quite busy but controllable

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Very nice timelapse, I like making them myself, and one might be coming out later tonight… 👀


Nice vid! at 1:27, did I witness somebody stall and then spiral into the ground?

That’s amazing! Awesome job!

Thanks everyone!

@Pingu Idk what happened there

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Time lapse!! 😍😍

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Thanks once again for controlling KSEA! It was soo satisfying to find myself in the timelapse and to see the approach I took.

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Thanks! It was a pleasure to serve you guys!

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