Controlling 24 of the Hardest Airports | A Mini-Guide Series

Controlling 24 of the Hardest Airports | A Mini-Guide Series

@ZachN and I have set a goal for ourselves to control 24 of the hardest airports in 12 months. We’ll thus do two per month and provide a mini controlling guide for each airport that will describe our approach to providing radar and local services. This will hopefully be beneficial to controllers looking to do some studying and preparation before opening.

Airports that will be opened during this challenge include classics like Aspen, Paro, and Innsbruck, and less-known fields such as Telluride and Dalaman. Come fly in when we open for a guaranteed 24 times-in-a-year experience. We also challenge you all to control along with us—let us know how it goes and whether you have any tips/advice to add! We’re excited to share this journey with you and can’t wait to get started. Thank you and enjoy!

Mini Controlling Guides

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Click below for the full map!


Note: the above map will be updated as we progress throughout the year.


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