Controllers & Pilots to color code a fix on the map

As the both the sim and pilot matures the desire to follow realistic procedures increases. There are a number of feature requests which talk about SID/STAR overlays and free form drawing on maps. As I was giving a presentation at work this week, a client asked “Why don’t we just change the color of the mark”. Since I think about IF 24/7, this sparked an idea!


Approach/Departure Controllers strive to follow real world charts but often times this is difficult given the many fixes and speed at which commands are coming in. There should be a way for a controller to set up their screen so they can route traffic at a quick glance.

Proposed Solution

  1. First and foremost, add the search box to the controller screen. I forgot that controllers do not have the ability to search for a fix.

  2. When the controller selects a fix, on the fix information screen they have the simple ability to color code the fix. The UI design doesn’t have to be this, but the spirit of the request is to select a color.

Functional Application of Solution

Take DFW for example. DFW has a simple box approach where planes enter and leave the pattern at the corners. This makes for a very efficient traffic flow when busy.

If I was an approach controller I would typically google the approaches and identify which I would use.

Since I am doing North operations, I would simply color code the fixes for the main east and west runway approaches from different directions. As you can see I have red for East and Orange for West approaches.

If you can imagine the flow of the dots (connect the dots, la la la)


If the map change functionality is simple enough, it may be beneficial for pilots to add colors for their own fixes. They can color code TOD and other important fixes in their various planning.

Hope this is simple enough. Please vote if you agree.


@HiFlyer brings up a good point. Instead of color we can simply mark them as a favorite and hide all but favorites. This could help those with certain color blindness. I am open but I think you get the spirit of the request.

Cool idea but unfortunately I have no votes left :(
But anyway this idea would solve many problems

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Cool 👍 very interesting !

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I don’t know if I’m fully understanding it, but if I am correctly l, I think it would be really cool. This would allow for controllers to have aircraft follow famous approaches like the Canarsie Approach into JFK 13L and the River Visual into DCA 19. It would add a whole entire new realm of realism and make IF a lot more fun.



This is an aide for the controller. The color does not translate to the pilot view as this would be some additional logic needed. I just want a way that I can more easily find waypoints to do more accurate approaches as a controller.


I love this idea!
I think another feature to add on to this would be the ability of controllers/pilots to “hide fixes”, except for the color-coded ones. That would definitely assist APP/DEP controllers with streamlining a SID/STAR.

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Who knew that such a simple concept could so so much? I’d like to have this added. Sadly, I ran out of votes.

I very rarely give out votes, but this deserves one. The reason is, this adds a more realistic feel for the sim. It would also help pilots to better understand how to build there way into the pattern. Great Idea!

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Would love to see this in the future. It would definitely take a heavy weight off the controllers back. Great suggestion!

1000000000% agree!

I’ve been playing around and seriously trying to use charts, hoping to get back to IFATC sometime in the future, and keep my skills up and growing at controlling. Was using charts for 3 aircraft approaching KSMF, was a real pain for finding the waypoints.

Very interesting request! Question which has since been answered and was unnecessary in the first place (sorry for that!) Would this probably be an option for pilots too (to mark things of interest)?

‘Controllers & Pilots’

Clue’s in the title. :)

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I definitely had brighter moments today than that post…

Thanks for the fast reply @Ecoops123 and apologies for the question!

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We all do it. Lol!

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Interesting idea! I have a question, though: let say that I plan a flight as a pilot, i colour-code both my SID and STAR, say in blue and red, I fly, land and quit IF. Would the colour-coded way-points still exist when I reopen IF the next day?
If yes, this is soooooooo great! If no, it still is cool, but perhaps more usefull for ATC.
Thanks in any case!

Voted. I stand by this 100%

This would be a really cool idea - would take a while to implement but would be helpful to have

Only concern with this would be for color blind people! I fly a lot and am also IFATC and would struggle to use this due to being red/green color blind.

Definitely ways to get around this, eg. shapes

I made mention of simply hiding all but the favorite ones as suggested. This may help with colors.