Controllers Flightstrip sequence change

Currently, any new pilot requests are inserted into the controllers flightstrip at the top of the list. When it’s busy, a tag can rapidly move down the list as new calls come in. If you are trying to tap a particular blinking tag to respond to an aircraft, you can get the wrong aircraft if the order changes just before your finger touches the screen.

Here’s a suggestion that would eliminate that issue, while preserving other desirable attributes of the flightstrip.

Let’s think of the flightstrip as consisting of two blocks, the top block is where new Blinking requests are inserted, and below them are tags that have been responded to. Here’s how to manage those two…
When a new request comes in from a pilot, that request would be inserted at the bottom of the current set of blinking flightstrip tags. When a request is answered by the controller, it is moved just below the last blinking tag, or to the top of the non blinking tags.

This has many desirable results…

  1. the oldest blinking tag is at the top of the list, and doesn’t move as new requests come in,
  2. the pilot that received the most recent controller command is at the top of the non blinking tags.
  3. the tag at the bottom of the entire list is still the oldest, which is handy when you want to take care of people waiting the longest on ground.

A picture is worth a thousand words…
There’s still only one flightstrip. (Reference the pic below)
New pilot requests (yellow in the pic) that have not been responded to, are sorted with the oldest at the top of the block.
Tags that have been responded to (white in the pic) are sorted with the oldest at the bottom. (Have to think about sorting this with the oldest at the top)

But then how does this work when the controller just taps on the aircraft to send the specific message instead of using the flightstrip? Would there be some kind of numbering system that shows the controller which aircraft should you currently focus on or any other way?

It would be the same, the tag for the most recently issued Controller command regardless of how it originated would be moved to the top of the non blinking tags.

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For this situation, I’m saying when the controller doesn’t use the flight strip and instead taps on the aircraft to send the specific message instead of doing it through the flightstrip. Air Traffic Controllers using this method wouldn’t have a sense of who waited the longest and who sent it first in a high traffic volume environment if I’m correct through experience. How can this idea for the fight strip be integrated to this scenario?

I realize you’re talking about responding from the map, and I’m saying they are repositioned in the flightstrip the same way.

The person waiting the longest after receiving a controller command is at the bottom of the entire list.

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Oh alright, thanks for the elaboration.

Great idea here, I love it.
Would definitely help at busy airports. I will vote when I can free one up.

Definitely needed! Common issue I encounter when controlling. You have my vote!


Has my
Vote. Would be cool


What if there was a way to simply just pin a flight strip to the top rather then have the two separate sections?

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But first you have to be able to reliable tap on it!

The rapidly moving tag is what I’m trying to address.

That is a good point. I’m just trying to think real estate wise on the device screen if there’s enough room to separate the two, if that would slow down the workflow depending on how that would be implemented. I like the general idea though!

Great idea. This can be a huge hassle at times.

Perhaps not a two-part separation. But a single part where tags grouped according to priority between request and responding.

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I’m not suggesting changing the layout, just how tags are repositioned in the current layout.

There will still be only one flightstrip.


Definitely something I want to be updated. The number of times I hit the wrong guy and end up loosing time. Those flight strips have the potential to really speed things up, but currently I find there’s some improvement to be done. This feature being one of the improvements.

Some other considerations:

  • When a pilot is cleared frequency I immediately swipe their tag. Unfortunately when they answer it comes back and is a waste of space.
  • if a pilot requests something the strip starts flashing. However, if I click his by accident (which happens…) and then go to another person, it stops. So I can’t find the guy anymore.
  • if a pilot requests something, and disappears, there’s still the orange flashy thing, but I can do nothing about it.
  • it would be handy to have the map move to the flight I tap (or zoom out until I see him) if he’s out of range. In this situation, I often have to do it manually and since it stops blinking, it makes it very hard to find the guy.
  • when a guy requests a runway change, it changes it on the strip even if I say unable. Confusing.
  • would be nice to have the tags and stripes become green when cleared on approach.
  • etc…

Unfortunately as you mention @GHamsz, these kinds of requests will never get many votes, because only a minority of people know about the problem and possibility of improvement. That being said, the effect is pretty large because a good amount of people fly with atc and improved atc is also improved flying…

Now I’m not a programmer so I may be totally wrong, if so, please correct me, but I do think this kind of feature is much simpler to implement than a new livery or whole new plane. There are lots, but much much smaller. I think it would be nice to have an ATC only update which concentrates on these details that add up and end up being a big part of the sim. We can see the devs do take these kinds of changes seriously, since they’re changing elements of the Ui. From my understanding, mainly the pilot’s side though.

A while back, I made a topic to try and make a list of all these changes that can be done. Unfortunately it’s closed now so I can’t add this request to it. However I probably will make a new topic soon with some extra requests and removing the ones that have been done. Here’s the link to the current (closed) topic:

I would encourage to go have a look and vote for a few you consider are the most important, I have…

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