Controllers flexibility when multiple runways available and low traffic

Hi Controllers,

I approached yesterday (just before1200z , advanced server) KMIA. About 4 aircrafts on approach, low departure load and requested 27. I got 26R assigned. For shorter taxi time to my planned gate I requested for 27 again. And got told off for repeating messages.
I dont know why ATC couldnt or didnt want to assign me the requested runway on a multi runway airport with low traffic load.

If the controller reads this I would be curious to know please. I was Channex 99.

Please take this as a “complaint with a smile”.

Otherwise its a pleasure to fly on the advanced server as this seems to be the only place where people in the air do as they are told and are therefore predictable. (See, even though I didnt like my assigned runway, I followed instructions…;-)

Happy landings


Was it app or tower that did this?

What aircraft were you flying?

App . I asked for change of runway when over with tower. Same though.

Maybe there could be a "change of runway request added to the approach menu.

Well , just to clarify. I am happy to follow atc instructions (and i did, as everything else results in the mass you see on free and pg). I am just curious why in that specific situation they insisted so much on that 26R.
But we wont solve the mystery if they dont read this :-)

There is. Nobody uses it though 😑

I’ll speak with the controllers

Thank you for the well thought out critique. Although you can request anything you want it is simply that a request. Tower chooses the runways in use at any given time. If you asked for something different to approach they gave you what tower asked them to give you. Ultimately it’s up to the controller to allow or deny entry to any runway. Now with that being said we strive to accomidate as much as possible that pilots request. If you have a name of the controller we can inquire about it. But ultimately he has the final say.

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