Controllers, Complacency and General Aviation!

Exactly. Keep it civil please!

😂😂😂😂😂 I like @Maxmustang but some reason he gets into trouble easily, he must have been nutty boy at school.

Agree… It’s not about winning or loosing my friend. There just gut felt comment ment to stimulate dialog between good guys. I respect everyone in this community, the young and not so young, the long, the short and the tall. I learned a hard lesson recently I put a fine young man down with poorly chosen phrases! I am ashamed of myself for letting a brain fart overcome my my normally even disposition. Keep the faith, Fly Smart on this Sim and in your life. Regards, Max, “The nutty boy from school”

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Ok, no pet names which are meant as endearments not slurs. I’ll do better next time.

On the names, Noted.

@maxmustang is a cool guy.

He seemingly means good but just says the wrong thing sometimes.

Now that said, he is a knowledgable and experienced guy who you can go to for any trouble with IF.

Best, Boeing707

The names 😂.

I don’t know if it’s on purpose or not but when you come up with some of the nicknames they tend to have a dark twist to them.

Best, Boeing707

Boeing- Dark Twist or Dark Side. No I’m just Old school, I grew up and saw the elephant in “every clime and place” in a green suit amount strong men armed. I bumped around aviation my whole life and feel comfortable in the company of Eagles. I take no prisoners but will always admit I’m ill informed or wrong. I call them the way “I” see them! Fledglings are my weak spot and I’ll always challenge sofestry. Thank for the kind words. Have a nice day “Pen Pal”, LOL!!! Max Sends

Please remove the derogatory nickname please. I do take offence to that. He should know full well if the negative connotations to that term. I will be withdrawing myself from this discussion since I cannot be treated with basic respect. Thank you @Swang007

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Guys please respect each other. Think twice about what you say. “Is it going to offend someone?” Better safe than sorry. And let’s stop with the nicknames please…

I like Max’s posts and I enjoy decoding them. There’s a lot in them and it’s pretty clear he’s been in aviation in the real world with a military bent as well.

As for crossing a busy Class B airport, it’s done by GA planes in the real world all the time. I think in the case he posted about, the controller may not have been experienced enough to know what to do. But I’m pretty sure Max’s delivery on matters of criticism could bear to be a little more couched and in some gentler language - if nothing else than for the general geniality of the forum.

As for the nicknames, yeah, I cringe a bit knowing that they’re probably gonna rub the target the wrong way. Best to really think twice when coining names for those you don’t know. Bush called Rove “Turdblossam”, but they knew each other.

However Max, you can call me Eric Schmeric as much as you’d like.

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I’m fine being called any of the following:

My name.

And don’t do variations of my name or username please!! Last thing I want is to have an issue/grudge with someone on this forum. Takes the fun out of things and is always awkward.

Best, Boeing707

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Ok everybody I get it! No more nicknames! No offense intendeded I assure you. Just a bad old habit attempting to personalize my responses. (Don’t know how to tag/address a response to an individual, guidance please)

Just type out their username with an @ in front of it like this:


I understand the frustration, but would like to point out that oxygen is required only above 14,000 feet, so you’re fine…

EVERY major airport has small, slow GA planes fly over it and land at it every day. They even have specific lanes over the airport that are designed for small, VFR aircraft to transit over the airport while remaining well clear of any arrival or departure paths.

It does not interfere with the pattern (not even a real thing most of the time, at major airports) or the flow, and “any good airman” would practice this procedure often.

If it is done at proper altitudes, it can definitely be done.