Controller told me to check ATC Help Pages, when they were wrong



This is probably the first time I posted something bad on these forums. But basically, a controller at YSSY told me to takeoff and make right traffic. That’s what I did, after takeoff I turned right into the pattern. A few moments later I get the message to check ATC Help Pages. I am confused, and continue my ascend to 2000 Feet. He tells me to enter right downwind runway 16L, and I was already there, but I just replied saying I will enter it. Then, again, to check a help Pages. Then I, again confused, asked for a Touch and Go. I was told to enter straight in. That’s what I did. He told me to touch and go, and then make left traffic. That’s exactly what I did and I got again to FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS thing… I am not sure what I did wrong, but here is the Log: (I then asked for landing, after he did not let me turn towards the runway, and he constantly told me to check help pages, or sometimes he even ignored me)

I know I explained this pretty badly, sorry… The controller was Joshua Smithley.


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Yep happened to me last week here’s my proof


I’m afraid from what I can see you messed up. When a controller tells you to enter the pattern @ right/left, you dont need to call Inbound. Once in the pattern you fly that pattern until landing for the option. Once entering traffic you called inbound, all you need to do is report R/L base, not call for an inbound really.

If you the pilot has requested pattern flying, then you must continue flying that pattern, the only time you need to contact the controller post takeoff is when on base to report position. In this case, you’d state you were on right/left base to runway XX, for touch and go (The option). It’s then the controllers job to clear you for the option on runway XX. Then after the option (Touch and go) make the traffic requested by controller. In this case, you requested inbound, that’s incorrect. You also requested frequency change, stay in his frequency. I’m afraid he was very in the right here.



@Rotate I had to go 2000 because I took of from RW 25, but then was told to make some traffic runway 16L, so I added 500 feet from my standard pattern altitude.


Peter when asking for ILS approach you are to expect vectors, if you don’t want to follow those vectors DONT ASK FOR THEM, the reason he was asking you to ‘resume own navigation’ was because you were stating unable to listen!

Pilots you need to do what the controller says! 80% of the time the controller is on the right.


Looks like he told you to enter downwind and you proceeded down wind then requested inbound again and at that point you where at a position to enter straight in so that’s what he told you and then told you to check help pages because you already stated your inbound which you shouldn’t do if you took off from that airport and stated remaining in the pattern. Then after he told you to enter straight in you again stated inbound he cleared you to land then you announced final which is unnecessary when already cleared and that’s why you received the last check help pages. Hope that clears it up


@Harry it’s pretty funny how I’ve been in a 737-BBJ’s cockpit and we were doing touch and goes for fun with my friends ( we hired a 737-bbj for my dads 50th birthday, and he flies a Cessna for fun) and the the pilot asked for touch and goes on downwind, but the controller told it was too later and we had to go and make one more circle in the pattern.


What are you talking about?


I don’t think you understand. I told him that I would receive vectors to the runway all off a sudden he said to me please check help pages on how to use ATC


Am I reading this incorrectly?


I don’t know you tell me


He told me to climb when I’m about 30 no from the runway


Yes you REPORT touch and go by saying this ‘XXX is on RIGHT/LEFT base, runway XX touch and go’ NOT I repeat NOT 'XXX is 6 nautical miles to the west of XXX inbound for landing WHILST on pattern. Call inbound when not on pattern work.


I mean NM sorry


Hey bro,

It may sound odd, but I only did 1 touch and go, when I requested for more and he told me to check help pages.

I did this with countless pilots. None of them argued.

@Vinayak_PK was in a f22 and did the same thing as I did, the controller didn’t tell him anything. And note, he is an advanced controller.


@Harry @Peter_Osioh what are you guys talking about are you on the same subject you began this discussion? All that is showing up is random stuff that has nothing to do with this post that I can see.


I understand that but reading your Chat log you are incorrect!


@MishaCamp am I going insane or am I right?


Check help pages isn’t s bad thing! Why does everyone take it like that? You requested frequency change, the correction, then call inbound. He had already given you pattern instructions. There was no need for any further reporting on your part. He was just suggesting something that may benefit you. No harm done!