Controller switching question

I was doing pattern work tonight and was cleared for the option. Two minutes later controller closed tower. While I was on final (reporting through Unicom) a new controller came on. I didn’t report in or request clearance since I was already cleared by former controller. I landed and all was good but what is proper behavior? Should I have requested landing with new controller?

Hello @Spartandefense!

To answer your question in short, yes, it is completely fine to continue with your landing. Tower will most likely on-guard you if they wish to resequence or clear you, but otherwise, if you’re on a short final or base and were previously cleared and would be difficult for you to contact the controller in time, the controller should let you continue. Most of the time when we close up and handoff, we will let the other controller know that we cleared the aircraft on final, or wherever they may be, to ensure a smooth handoff.


And sometimes the new controller who comes in will notice the history of commands given to the pilot when they scroll up in the message section showing that you were cleared already, therefore may not give u a clearance/sequence again, which means you wouldn’t have to say anything. (unless they want to onguard you again)


Thank you both for the responses. You confirmed my hypothesis.

Hopefully a warning of closing in x amount of minutes and/or a standby controller change in progress message was broadcast on the frequency. If it wasn’t, it should have been.

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