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there is a problem with Infinite flight and controllers. when thrust is bind to the right stick (up and down) the thrust level is always 50% when you pull down it’s 0 when up it’s 100 and stick on idle it’s on 50

But shouldn’t it be set to 0 by default? this is frustrating.

Wait what?! What do you mean:

Are you using a controller like an X-box controller or a yolk/joystick?

If you are using one of these^ is the issue that at idle the thrust is at 50% when it should be at 0%?

I’m using a ps4 controller. The problem in general with any controller is explained above. you can check it itself if you want, you will get the same result.

What are you using to connect the ps4 to your device?

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Bluetooth, PS4 controllers connect that way.

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The controller sticks have an axis, exactly the same as a yoke would have.

The idle point on a controller (when you aren’t moving it) is the centre of that axis. I would wager a guess that it’s simply the app registering that as the centre, or in other words, 50%

This can happen a lot with controllers where using incorrect software can result in this axis of having a value of 0 to 1 rather than -1 to 0 to 1. Infinite flight doesn’t officially support controllers either from what I’m aware.

If you are using a controller, I’d personally recommend trying to use the triggers to control throttle, as you can map them individually.

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