Controller Sensitivity For Realism

Dear IF community,

I’ve been using my controller in infinite flight for the past month or so and it has been an amazing experience, it really gives a touch of realism .

My question is What are the best sensitivity settings for the controller to get the most realistic flying experience???

Happy flying!!!

It’s unlikely you’ll find a default “most realistic”. Assuming you are using a gamepad of some kind, they will all be calibrated differently and have different levels of sensitivity.

It’s trial and error unfortunately, just experiment around and find something that is the most comfortable for you 😄


Great!!! 👍👍
Thank you

Alsoo… Before I forget…

What is the null sensitivity supposed to do??
How does it work??

you mean null zone?
if I get it right, then it will create a zero-response zone to your inputs near the neautral position of your joystick

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How is that useful???

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well, it’s quite useful when you have ur controller springs weakened, so yoke is hanging a bit even without ur inputs

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