Controller/Pilot Ratings

I think on the Advanced Server Only controllers should be able to rate pilots based on direction following, flying quality, etc. If you keep a good rating you’d get more violations before not being allowed on the advanced server. If you get a lower rating you wouldn’t get as many violations as the people with high ratings. This way if a pilot makes a few mistakes and get violations for them, it’s ok because he already has a good record and he is safer than people with a low rating. It’s kind of like insurance.

It also would be the same with controllers. You could see their rating and make sure you want to fly to them, or if they cause you to run into another plane or something you can rate them lower than if they are amazing. Too many low ratings and someone comes and reevaluates you to make sure you are up to standards, that way it could be abused by bad flyers and controllers would loose status because one peroson gave them a low rating, someone would still evaluate them to make sure they really do/don’t deserve to control on advanced.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense, it’s confusing, maybe someone who understands it can summarize it.

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These don’t make sense.

This was available before but people would just purposefully rate people bad so ratings didn’t define the user. There can always be misunderstandings and it is best to leave out the rating system imo

It means you are allowed to make more violations before being kicked off the advanced server when you have a good rating.

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