Controller on Playground

Looking for ATC Lewis. Contact me if you see this, as you were controlling at KSAN // Recruiter

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You’re looking for @gangstar3man

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I guess someone in the advance team now! Well done

Hey guys looking for me? :)

Will be looking forward to maybe have you on the same team as I :)

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Thanks Paul :)


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Dear Justin

I d love to get a ATC Controller. I am 33 years old, grade 3.
My Email:

I d really love to get a ATC Controller on the Advanced Server, as the many players on the training server ennoy me with their mistakes and ignoring the rules…

I am also private flying (finishing the PPL licence in the next weeks)

I would appreciate to hear from you.

Yours, David

Have a look at this :)

Thanks ;) Allready got contacted.

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