Controller not solve

I would like to be a little more enlightened on the possibilities and outcomes of solving problems concerning controllers in IF


What clarification would you like to have and what problems is that you’re experiencing specifically?
Are you on iOS or Android? :)

iOS 16.6.1. In-flight reconnection of the controller is defective. Attaching the triggers for the yaw does not work. Impossible to make a complete flight

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This should improve with the hotfix currently in review.

Ok. When can we expected that ?

That depends on Apple. We will push it as soon as they’re reviewed and approved it.

This means that the controller will be 100% functional (trigger, axes, etc.), and that the in-flight reconnection problems will be resolved ?

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@Jay237, the hot fix is out now. My controller is working perfectly.

@TheBest Are you IOS ? Can you share me your configuration cause isn’t work for me

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Yes, I have iPadOS 17. I have the right trigger for throttle up and the left trigger for throttle down. Make sure you have updated to 23.3.1! Hope this helps! :)

@TheBest I just tried this but it’s seems doesn’t work

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