Controller ignoring me?


Today when flying into Bali, I contacted approach control. I requested an approach in the correct way and did not receive a response. I presumed I had a communication error as I know how popular they have become, so I kept trying to request an approach at 3-4 minute intervals just in case the controller was so busy that he needed time to respond. After about 8 attempts to contact him and flying in numerous circles so that I didn’t disturb the traffic flow, he told me to expect vectors… etc.

Anyway, I have never had communication problems before so this puzzled me. Do ATC controllers sometimes deliberately ignore people until they are ready to accept their approach request? i.e might the controller realise that I was flying around aimlessly so just thought he would wait for a bit before contacting me so that the airport didn’t get too busy? I would have expected a “stand by” command if this was the case. It seems weird because afterwards, we were constantly communicating with no problems! I would have thought that if I had a communication issue it would last the entire session, not just be an “on and off” patchy kind of problem

Hope this makes sense and many thanks in advance for your responses.


I have had this happen before. It may have been a bug with displaying your aircraft on the controller side if I’m not wrong.

Is this on a training server?

No controllers don’t deliberately ignore people till they just decide they are ready they probably were busy or did have a small bug

Yeah, I have strong and stable internet so have never had a patchy signal or anything on my side so thought this is a bit off

No expert server, I would expect this kind of thing if it was training

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Hmm. Might be a bug or maybe they were just unnecessarily frustrated at something so decided to ignore a random person.

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ok, I think it was a bug because even after I requested an approach, people who requested after me were being responded to first

Do you know the controller’s name there? I suggest contacting whoever was in control to get a better explanation

Jonathan_limento is the controller

Those kind of problems don’t happen often . You can PM the controller @Jonathan_limento to see whether it was a bug or something else

@Jonathan_limento is your guy, please contact him via pm to discuss the issue if you wish :)

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Cheers everyone, thanks for the brisk responses - a moderator can close this now

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IFATC don’t just “get frustrated and ignore random people”. Trust me, if they got caught doing that… lol


Maybe you took my joke a little bit too seriously. I do agree though, it’s something IFATC wouldn’t do.

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Dealt with via PM