Controller Hierarchy Question

You are in an airspace with no approach controller. You have been clearance to land by the tower controller. An approach controller comes on line and asks you to check in.

Which controller is in charge?

Which server is this on?

If your on final then I’m pretty sure you stay with Tower, or if your within Tower airspace (5000ft) then you remain with Tower.

It gets confusing especially on Training Servers.

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This sounds like an Inexperienced Training Server situation.
In all cases unless preforming a go around you would stay on Tower, no matter what the Approach controller says.


This occurred on expert server during FNF.

Mark T. Davis

Regardless of which server you’re on, you’d stay with Tower in this situation. They’ll switch you to Approach, don’t switch on your own.

On the expert server controllers aren’t allowed to on guard aircraft that are tuned in to another controller’s frequency, but on rare occasions a controller may accidentally on guard an aircraft (fat fingers). Just ignore it if it happens.


Thank you.

Always avoid switching frequencies on your own. Word of advice is: let the controller hand you off.

In this case I’d stay with tower because you were cleared and your not supposed to on guard someone on another frequency. The controller can ask the tower controller to switch you over if necessary.

Just to add one more thing to what has already been said. When an approach controller opens, they usually ask for the Tower controller to handoff any plane not cleared to land. In your situation, it was most likely an accident. If you receive an on guard message on the expert server when you are still on a frequency, stay on that frequency and wait for a handoff. If you think you should be handed off, request a frequency change.

Usually, an approach controller won’t ask you to check in because they can see you are on tower frequency. If they keep asking to you to check in, then just do it as they might be a newbie and unaware of certain things and they might give you a violation.

The question has already been answered very well by Trio here. No need to keep piling it on with the same comments, please, folks.