Controller/gamepad gyro control

heya,i think this is more a question for developers or really tricky peeps, i want to know if there is a controller wich is fully compatible to the gyro in IF (no analog stick) (moving the gamepad) i tried it with a ps4 controller on a rootet devices with a sixaxis but it doesnt work like it should so i search a real good solution besides a flightstick… hardware or software sided
i own a gear vr controller but there is not solution to connect it to IF and use the the gyro …

PS: i know my english is bad


Hey, I saw you post, the only way you can use another device to control is that you have to use a Joystick and use a mac with the Flight connect setting.

Cheers, Phil

Here’s a tutorial about joysticks in IF

nah, maby i wrote it bad … the flight connect thingy just let u control the game with analog stick, or a flightstick… i want to use the gyro … its most comfortable to play and more precise for me

I don’t think there’s a way to use a separate gyro, unless you use the same Tablet or Phone.

Maybe you mean something like this?

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there was a app called IF cockpit, but its outdaed and not supporterd anymore ( it never worked for me) so i search soemthing like this harware sided or software sided i have root on my tablet…

could u explain me how i download ifjoy ? this maby looks exactly for what i search !

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its available in play store. i dont know if its still in beta, but its perfect for what you need. you can contact @Sushruth the developer of IFJOY. :)

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i checked the side, and tried to use the link to the playstore it doesnt direct me… i also dont find it on the german play store … i emailed the developer and request to beta test even if its possible but wish i could try it now out.

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