Controller disconnects

I started using my 55’ tv and ps4 DualShock to play IF, is quite cool considering the live cockpit, so I can monitor the flight using the live instruments.
But I noticed that, if I don’t input a command in the controller, it turns off to save battery and obviously disconnects the Bluetooth. That’s when the problem begins, because the controller, although it connects to the Bluetooth when I turn it back on, it won’t connect to the app again and won’t let me control the aircraft using gyro on the phone, losing total control of the aircraft. Things turn back to normal only when I restart the app.

Does anybody know how to connect it back to the app when that happen?

You should try resetting the controller, I cannot think of any reason why this may happen…

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reconnecting is sadly not possible. i think that moving the camera with the stick every once in a while might keep it active. i don’t really know though.


I see. A long haul is impossible to move the camera once every ten minutes. If I want to use the controller I have to think about a life hack to keep it awake

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