Controller disconnects while flying

Yo wassup.Today I’ve been flying from Berlin to heathrow with my Dualshock 4 controller connected on my iPad.But after like 5 to 10 minutes my controller disconnected and I couldn’t reconnect,so I had to land by APPR.I tried literally everything,like recalibrate look on controls E V E R Y T H I N G.So is there a way I can reconnect it inflight ?

Are you using LiveFlight Connect? If so, this is a known issue and as there’s no longer support for LFC it’s unlikely to be patched I’m afraid.

Unfortunately this is just down to how the app is designed to interact with controllers.

The controller setup and axis load is done at the moment the app loads up. You’ll notice if you launch infinite flight and then connect your controller, it also will not work or be detected fully, hence why when it shuts off it’s no longer operational.

Both a Xbox one and PS4 controller have a standby timer built into them to stop them staying on for long periods of time. Though I haven’t tested it myself, you can change the amount of time a controller stays on in the console settings if you own one, or the alternative is to plug it in which on an iPad may be a challenge. I would only really recommend using a controller on a flight where you will be hand flying the entire time 🧐

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No I don’t.I connect it via bluetooth to my iPad

Have you walked away from your Device with your Controller?
The Controller will disconnect if the Controller is away from where it is mainly connected to eg: PS4, bluetooth etc

Nope,it just turns itself off if I dont tap any button after a while.But I am just wrapping a tape on my Joystick so if doesn’t go off

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Does the Battery go empty?


Nope it just goes off after awhile

Alr,so I just wrap a tape around my stick ,so it doesn’t go off lmao

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