Controller change interfering with landing

Yesterday at SBGR, there was a controller change when I was on final, after I had been cleared to land by the previous controller. The new controller asked me for my intentions. I was on manual flight and trying to maintain glideslope and localiser and was put off by this, had to re-request landing clearance 09R and messed up the landing as a result.
This seems like a superfluous command on their part and I think at such a critical stage, on final when the plane is likely to be under manual control it should be assumed clearance has already been given by the hand-off controller.
I didn’t take their callsign, I just wanted to get some feedback on this.


Was this on the Expert Server or Training?

Eitherway, normally if there is a controller change and you were already on final the new controller can just clear you, so asking for intention is not an appropriate command at that point in my opinion…

Most of the time, the controller can see the previous messages/conversations between the pilot and the controller. So the controller at that time could’ve seen that you were cleared to land :-)


Hello! Apologies that you faced this issue today. Controllers should not on guard you during critical phases of flight, and you can feedback this (assuming this was on expert) by sending a kind PM to the controller. If you need help finding the controller, let us know the time in zulu where you were at the airport :)

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They shouldn’t send you messages when you are on short final.

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Was it ES? If yes, PM the controller. :)

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It was on expert
I will try to find the time of day and PM them

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In my opinion, i will let u switch to Tower frequency, let you landing and just say exit runway Command. Because i will see the previous message in ur freq chat

Here we go:

First clearance:


Time is in GMT so if you can find who it was, probably best that they can be made aware of the mistake.

Your controller was @Marina, I was the controller who cleared you first before I closed and handed it over to Marina. Feel free to pm them when your ready. Also note, I did say to them that you were already cleared so you shouldn’t have gotten a “say intentions” :).


Hey there! Thanks for letting me know. I agree that it would have been fine to land without tuning in. That on guard message from me was more of a “Hey I’m Here” and less of a “Get on my frequency now!” I’m sorry for any confusion and I really appreciate the feedback. The reason I did so was because of the multiple planes behind you. Sorry if I asked for intentions. That is completely wrong of me! Thanks for helping me learn and I hope to improve in the future. I’m sorry that my service was not up to par for you. Have a wonderful day, and thanks so much again for the feedback.


I think the reason why he did this was he disengaged the autopilot to land hit the Atc Called him but he didn’t want to crash. So I think that is the reason:

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