Controller ATC operating only in their home countries

A big problem for us commanders, the IFATC should think about how only operators from a certain region can operate there. Because they know the aerodromes of your country, that would be more suitable. This would bring more realism and prevent certain irregularities, such as pilots who come from other countries and do not know how to fly in our airspace, do not know the regulations of the runway, aerodrome and other information. When there is ATC that is not from the country of origin where the control is taking place, it is very difficult to fly. There are many commanders who have no responsibility, do not analyze the aerodrome, the size, the runway size or even the largest aircraft that such an aerodrome can receive. among other problems.


Really, IFATC isn’t going to do this. Controllers have the ability to control wherever they want (following schedule and rank limitations), and restricting this really isn’t feasible, nor is it reasonable. Take, for example, Mexico. I only know a couple controllers from Mexico, and to limit those handful of people just to Mexico really doesn’t sound appealing, nor does it sound fun for us as pilots, considering service would be extremely limited.

While we cannot promise 101% realism, research is done prior to opening to the maximum extent possible. It might be frustrating, but some adaptations are required for smooth operations.

If you have an issue with a contoller (example, not allowing an aircraft that fits there), you are encouraged to start a discussion with him/her in a PM. That’s the best and most efficient way to talk it out and perhaps teach someone something new. In addition, if you think a controller has provided poor sevice, you are welcome to bring it up with the controller or even an IFATC supervisor if the situation calls for one. We are always here for you.

All in all, it’s not going to happen in the forseeable future. The logistics just don’t make sense. Thanks.


unfortunately, but it is up to us to wait. I am not talking only about the atc, but about commanders who come in heavy weight and make mistakes.

So…we’re shifting gears from ATC to…pilots?

Honestly, if you pay for Infinite Flight Pro, you get global. There’s no other way of putting it. You pay for what you get.


We are dealing with both parties. I don’t want to be intolerant or seem.

But why would you restrict either of them? Pilots and ATC both pay for global as part of IF Pro, why restrict it because of “realism”?

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Because I, like many others, would say that most of the IF pilots want a high dose of realism and along with that realism comes the fun. for those who are unable to have a simulator above and / or dream of one day being in real aviation, but, have no conditions.

I’m struggling to understand the purpose of this topic…you want ATC to be restricted from leaving their home countries (unfeasible), to restricting pilots and making mistakes, to now pilots having…fun?


I believe that you are understanding the purpose of the topic. I will not repeat again, reread. I don’t want to be intolerant or seem.

Intolerant about what, though? Restricting pilots and controllers to their home countries?


Negative. restricting ATC from other countries to operate outside their country of origin, understand … Whenever there is ATC there is always a mace of commanders in part the commanders do not know how to fly in the air space and want to explore overnight and make mistakes. And the atcs each stay in their proper place of origin. Understand!

(from day to night)

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I could be wrong but I believe the main purpose of this topic is to try and encourage the use of realistic procedures, maybe even utilize SIDs and STARs more. Maybe having controllers restricted to their home country isn’t the best idea, but the main purpose of this would be to implement realistic procedures

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One of the great things about infinite flight is it’s versatility. This simulator is for everyone whether they are real life pilot or ATC or just a plane enthusiast.

For example, I am a collegiate musician studying to be a professional and have no experience in real world aviation. However, I’ve learned a lot through this app and how to become more realistic.

My point is, people learn through experience. If we learn some of the procedures and keep practicing it, we will learn it. Restricting people to their own country would make the simulator incredibly boring fast. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to fly into LAX for the rest of my time in IF.


Well, yes, there are some pilots that may not know the realistic procedures, but what solutions can you provide to help solve the problem that you mention?

Aforementioned, not going to happen.

Yes, yes!!!

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Yes you do 😈

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Maybe pilots should stick to their home airports because they are unfamiliar with the procedures at foreign airports. Amirite?

Thunderbolt has explained himself quite well.

Its up to the pilots and ATC to analyze the procedures at various aerodromes that they’ll operate within and really, since 20.1 we’ve seen more pilots/ATC doing this due to the introduction of SIDs and STARs.

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For me this idea of staying in our home area goes against the purpose of a flight simulator.

A flight simulator most of the times is used to visit and go to places where you can’t go in real life.

About the realism prospective you can PM your controller and let him know that there are some procedures for that airport.

But no, definitely this is not a good idea.


@Kiz @Thunderbolt and @Drummer have made very good points, in my opinion. I do not understand why you would restrict someone to using airports from their country of origin. There are just too many problems with this arguement.

First of all, many people are very familiar with airports that are not from their home country. I have personally lived in many countries, and know many airports quite well.

Second of all, I think that this would take away the fun of IF. Realism is something that I enjoy a lot, but this would be taking it to far. Are we forgetting that this is a mobile sim? How much more realistic can it get?

Most controllers and members above had made a valid points.

A reminder that IFATC are only allowed to open airports featured in the region based on the weekly schedule.

For example take a look at the schedule below for the duration 19-25OCT20:

Or if you are visual person, take a look at the visual map as below:

If you are an IFATC (and I can see you are based in Brazil), are you willing not to open for one whole week?
Imagine, IFATC have to maintain at least one activity of controlling within one month (i.e. controlling minimum once per month). If Brazil is not featured for the one whole month, does that mean you will rest for one month?

I hate to be that guy but as much as we want to maintain realism and control our own home airport, sometimes it is just not possible. Our schedule changes every single week, and we can only open the airports featured in the region based on the schedule. Hope you understand and have a great week ahead :)