Controller and Pilot voices unable to hear

I have noticed that sometimes when I fly or control is that some voices are not playing the audio. Don’t know if this is a bug or something on my end. If anyone knows of a fix that would be great!


Maybe restart the app and turn the volume up

Thanks for the quick response. This has happened multiple times though. On many different times on the app.

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Ok what you need to do is

Make sure no background music is playing

Make sure that ATC and Sound FX volume is on your desired level then restart your device

Also go on your devices original setting and make sure notification sounds and media sounds is on

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This happens to me too! Try not to open any apps, and if it happens, just go to settings and rest the voice to whatever voice you want, and it’ll come back

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Is it where one moment you hear audio and the next moment you don’t? @Leifjt

No. I can hear certain aircraft fine and then certain aircraft and controllers have no sound.


What I would do is turn volume down on both ATC and SFX and on your device and then tell me if that works

No. Didn’t work

What device do you have and what are your voice settings set up like in IF?

Do you see that the text at the top of your screen and in the ATC log fine just not the audio?

I have all my audio settings all the way up. The problem is that I can not hear certain aircraft and controllers.

This has happened to me on occasions and I think it fixed when I changed camera view. Worth a try

So this happens when you control and when you fly?

Just to understand this fully: when you are controlling, you can hear audio message from some aircrafts on your frequency and from others you don’t?
And from the aircrafts you don’t hear audio messages, do you receive the message in text, at the top of your screen?

IF can be audio sensitive and as a controller I’ve lost all audio communication a few times, but never lost audio with some aircrafts.

And what exactly happens when you fly?

And issues such as this sounds like a full app re-install is needed…

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Yeah remember doing this a it working. I never actually realized it tell now.

Hi this happens to me too when I change apps, and when I come back to IF, I can’t here ATC or other aircrafts but I can see their messages.

To rectify this, just switch apps once or twice and while switching apps… give it a few seconds in the middle before actaully going back into the game. It works for me probably, should would work for you :D

Yup worked!

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Glad it did :) Happy flying!

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