Controlled Tower Take Off Not In Line with Flight Plan (Protocol?)

So I do my best to guesstimate the take off runway by the runway indicators, however sometimes I get it wrong. In the case my flight plan originally starts with a straight out and then a right turn, I now need to make a left to rejoin my flight plan. (Example pic below for demonstrations purposes only. Not an actual flight plan )
So my question is, do I simply make the necessary adjustments in flight at my own discretion, do I contact tower and notify them of my position? Or do I make the adjustments during taxi? Or something completely different?

Thanx again team.

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The shortest answer is - follow controller instructions, as generally speaking they are the ones with the ‘big picture’.

Ground and tower will typically issue the runway they need you to use on take off or for landing. In many cases this will be what you would have inferred from wind indicators, but some times operational requirements dictate otherwise. Follow the controller for this stage of your flight

When taking off, tell the controller your departure direction (east, south, west, north, straight out) once you’re in the air, make the necessary turn to join your flight plan.

If there’s an approach controller active and they give you instructions, these instructions have higher priority than your filed flight plan.

Hope that answers your question!


It does indeed! Thank you very much

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I generally start my flight plan and the VOR away from the airport so that I am not restricted if ATC send my to a different runway for example. Departure / Approach / Centre can see my flight plan and help direct me to my destination.

if there is ATC at my destination I try and set up my Flight plan to mirror their patterns, if no ATC then set one up to be close to a a IRL STAR. However in both cases am prepared to change if ATC request it.

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