Controlled for the 1st time!

So I wake up and was expecting to fly today but then I was like, why don’t I try controlling. Then I went to KSAN and looked for avilable stations. I was SoCal Departure for 30 minutes. It was great!


How did you find it? I personally prefer controlling to flying once you get the hang of it!
Just a tip: Departure isn’t the easiest station, maybe start on Ground or Tower and work up :)

More controllers are always welcome. Take your time to perfect your skills on the playground and then take the advanced test!

Thanks for the feedback! What do you mean “how did I find it”

Did you enjoy it? How was your first experience controlling

Oh it was great, I was just taking a while to respond to the pilots because I was figuring out where and what the responses were

I love being a ground controller

I like doing tower. If Approach and departure and ground are online, every plane should be with you for about a minute. And its like a puzzle at places like KSAN. Fun.

I like ground more because it is easier and it is fun to tell people what runway to go to and all that stuff.

Hey Cameron!

I hope you enjoyed your first session. Sorry that I’m late, but here are a couple videos that will help guide you through your ATC career.


its not as popular as tower, ground. plus on playground people tend to avoid it for some reason (not me)

Was just LAX ground for 1 hour!