Controlled Airspace Contact

I was doing a flight from EHAM to CYYZ, and as I was nearing the eastern Irish coast, I was told I was to Contact Dublin. However when I clicked on the headphone icon, it only listed smaller UNICOM fields. I was asked three times to contact Dublin, but I could not because I never got close enough to get it listed in the radio options.

Any thoughts on this? I would have for it to look like I am ignoring ATC.

Hi Cian,

This issue is known. Sometimes when talking to approach they’ll tell you to contact the tower frequency and the tower frequency won’t show up. We hope to get this resolved in the next round of testing. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We really appreciate it!

Happy flying!



Following up on this, if this happens, and he would get ghosted for that, then what happens? do we contact a IFATC staff member?


  • Julian

You contact the controller, inform him/her about your callsign and display name and then explain what the issue was. If it wasn’t the pilot’s mistake (for example this issue here), he will contact one of the moderators who then will remove the ghosting from your account.


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