Controllable Space Shuttle on B747 Shuttle Carrier


Even though the Space Shuttle might not be re added, I think that we should be able to detach the Space Shuttle from the Shuttle Carrier while in-flight with a button. After the Space Shuttle is detached, a bot will control the Shuttle Carrier and land at the nearest airport and the plane disappears, and we continue flying on the Space Shuttle.


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Can I then be this bot? 🤖😉


If a bot controls this, then they probably could add AI aircraft. (Since this would require routing for the Carrier.) They would Also have to attach two models together. It seems to distant to become capable. Good luck!


Why do we need this? The whole point of the 747 carrier was to transport the shuttle, not launch it. I just don’t understand the purpose of this, so maybe someone could enlighten me?


They used to have a spaceshuttle 😐


Perhaps a better idea is after being detached it can just fly up in the sky until it disappears


Seems more of a “game” thing that doesn’t really fit the sim. Cool idea though.


This topic is dedicated to the removed Space Shuttle.


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I’m sorry to say but the original Spaceshuttle 747 is made for transport correct me if I’m wrong though and I have seen the separation video but I really don’t think they really do this. But it is a really good idea and I’m interested to see😊


True, but there was glide testing done with it.