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Hi, I run the app after months and I couldn’t control the airplane! I couldn’t go up and down by moving my iPhone up and down ! What happens ?
Thank you in advance

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Have you checked the sensitivity in the settings? Try resetting to default and see if that works

Problem remains after reinstalling the app! Here is a screenshot of my control settings! Every part of airplane is not moving when I move the iPhone

When you move your phone around, does the value next to “Roll” and “Pitch” change? If they don’t it might be an issue with your phone.

Exactly what Tuna said. Your Gyro in your phone could be damaged or inoperable causing it to not notice your phones movement.

Go and try the compass app and see if you receive input from that app.

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Thank you for your advices but hiw can I find all these … ?

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Ok I fix it by controls panel


You can access this by swiping down on your home screen and search in the search bar Compass and it will show up top.

If you see yellow activity in your IF control panel when you move your phone around its a sign all is well. If not we might need to continue support.

The solution to this issue on most devices are super basic. Surprised no one has suggested it yet;

Restart your device.

No need to over complicate things :)


What would we do without @schyllberg?


not restart our device :)

Ah, yes, the good ol’ “did you try turning it off and turning it on again?”

Works most of the time tbh.



This is an intermittent known software problem within iOs 13 updates which has no concrete solution yet (the gyros stop working). I’ve had this problem as well and found myself into a problem in-flight because the controls were “jammed”.

What I suggest you is to give your device a break, and if you are in-flight, what worked for me was getting out and in into the simulator several times and checking if the problem was solved by disconnecting the AP.

That solved my problem and hope it solves your too.

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