Controler at OTHH Reporting for no reason

A controller at OTHH (Doha ground ) has reported me for no reason. He also blocked me and a few others at the runway exit. Thanks for helping.

Hello, could you provide more information. please contact @appeals and/or PM your controller, no need to create a topic about them

The best thing is PM your controller, then you guys can discuss what happened and for what reason he reported you :)

ATC can only report on Expert server

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Hi, if it was in the last ~30 minutes your controller was @Usman_A. If you think you were wrongly reported, contact @appeals with your replay

Just PM your controller we cant help you appeal ur report that is up to @appeals and the Controller.

This is not a good way to get in contact with your controller when you get reported on ES by making a public topic it is way better just to pm the controller! ;)

Do what is said above ^^


I don’t think he’s trying to gain sympathy? Not everyone knows the proper procedure on how to get in touch with the controller. In addition, the user is new, so he is probably unsure of how it works & of course would need guidance on how to resolve the issue at hand.


Who said this player is doing this for sympathy? He’s making an appeal, as he believes he was wrongly reported. If you don’t have any room to get involved, then leave it be.

Did your callsign happen to be American 333? An IFATC member has just informed me that this was a controller issue, rather than player error.


Updated and rephrased ;)
@Pingu & @TheAviationGallery

No need to call me out for trying to tell him the simple way to get in contact with them ;)

I didnt mean it to sound bad in anyway @InfiniteFlight_EU my apologies :)

Hello there can you give us more information IFATC don’t report people for no reason also contact @appeals and get ready to share your replay

No need to share it, as users we can’t reverse the ghost :) your best bet is to contact the controller…

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This is the 5th time someone has said the same thing. Rather than overwhelming the OP with the same thing, can we please be patient and let them do as first advised?

I know you’re all trying to help, but it can be really repetitive and a bit of a lot to take in.


We weren’t calling you out for telling him what to do, we were calling you out for publicly bashing him and telling him that he made the topic just for “sympathy”. If you don’t have anything useful to say, don’t say it.

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Starting with 20.2 the controller name will be their IFC name so it is much easier to know which controller to PM. Please PM the controller and if it needs to be escalated please contact @appeals with your replay file.