Control tower with active voice

I’ve been at IF for about a year, and I’ve seen a good evolution in updates.
I come to propose this topic, because, I did not find something very similar.

I come to talk about the atc or (flight controllers) it would be a huge innovation to provide the option of communicating by voice with the ATC or control tower, this would bring a huge aspect of realism to the IF. I am passionate about air traffic control and I believe this would be a wonderful innovation.

Flight control is life.

there is a similar topic already Send ATC Commands using your voice

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It is not as similar as this, in this topic I bring something more specific.
Thanks for your comment.

It is similar, I’d say this is a duplicate

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Hey! I think your referring to actual voice ATC between the controller and pilot. Unfortunately as said by many staff members and moderators this isn’t something they’ll be looking into for various reasons. Infinite flight has customers and users from around the world so first of all language barrier would be a huge hurdle as well as managing appropriate language over frequency. Those are just a tiny few of the many issues that voice ATC can bring. If you meant something else in your original topic I apologize for misunderstanding.


Please take a look at the highlighted post above. Explained perfectly.