Control the rudder of other planes?

Hi, this is not a problem.
I was controlling ATC from Madrid Barajas, when I realized that “I can control the rudder of the plane” of the users who are in my frequency.
So, I made a video, it’s on Instagram.
the question, is it a mistake or can I turn the rudder of other planes?
if you have any doubt about what I’m saying just tell me and what you’ll say :)
if this is a duplicate issue let me know thank you.


Intresting… This could be a bug where the game thinks you’re in the plane because its the only plane there but i doubt it will actually control the plane it self.


its yoke not rudder. I don’t think thats possible at all.

Well… he has proof… but like i said should be a bug and it should not affect anything.

control the plane I can not but move the rudder if I can

Now that’s spectacular! Any chance to upload this to a YouTube channel and show this here?

Could you control the throttle and brakes as well? Wouldn’t that be fun? 😉


What the heck is that? Never saw that before

It’s a known thing :)


now I understand where the “problem” comes from, thanks to everyone, this topic can be closed;)😁