Control the Height of the Drone Cam

I have Searched a lot, but no findings

So we could Control the height to make the cam go up/down directly without facing the cam up or down


Great idea - gets my vote.


Yeah also I wish the controls were visible. Where you can see the onscreen controls and maybe they hide after 5 seconds or something (like in aircraft you can set). I’ve lost my orientation quite a few times with the free cam. May be just me that has that problem. I like you idea though.

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I’m confused, what do you want?

For the drone cam. In order to go higher, you have to tilt the angle up. He is requesting that you can change the height of the free camera without having to tilt the camera.


I was thinking about how it is different from my quadcopter. Should make it just like real mode 2 controls:


“Throttle” makes it go up and down without tilting.

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This would be good as sims use this sort of control type for plane games and to zoom all you have to do is pinch the screen