Control surfaces in replay move with device in real time, instead of following the recorded flight


I have been noticing that in some replays, the control surfaces move when I tilt the device. If my device is steady, the control surfaces don’t move at all.

What should happen is that the movement of the control surfaces reflect the actual replay itself, e.g. if the aircraft banks left in the replay, then the left aileron should come up and the right aileron should come down.

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Is this behaviour to be expected, or is it a bug?

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I have also noticed this In Pre-23.3 Flights in replays along with The Aircraft power being stuck at 50% Throughout the entire Duration of the Flight (This includes sound)

But in post 23.3 flights Control Surfaces and power is With the replay

Pre 23.3 Flight

Post 23.3 Flight

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It is good news that in your post 23.3 flights, the control surfaces and throttle actually reflect the inputs made during the flight itself!

I will observe if my flights flown from 23.3 onwards exhibit this issue or not.


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