Control Solo Traffic (Global Flight Update)

Laura said that AI was coming to solo. So I thought you should be able to control your offline traffic. LIke you get to choose how many aircraft there would be with a setting like: Low Medium and High something like FSX except you can control that setting during your flight too. image

What do you guys think… let me know! :)


WHAT?! When? :0


If AI comes to solo why would you pay for live


Exactly, that kind of kills the concept, especially since you can have planes that actually follow instructions.

Where exactly did Laura say this?


I need that now!!! 😰

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Me too!!! Lol

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What’s that stand for?

Also, where’d she say this?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

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Yea she posted it on instagram a month ago or not even maybe like 3 weeks ago

but yea would be much better than live because the airplanes wouldnt be noobs like atc playground

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its on Instagram

Artificial Intelligence

She said it couple weeks ago and yea its going to be awesome

@Kevinsoto1502, please don’t spread rumors.

Artificial intelligence isn’t coming anytime soon.


Thou wants to see the link to the statement she said that. Though won’t believe till I haveth got the link to that. Also the Instagram diggers will find out for sure if that’s happening and make a topic on it or something.

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