Control Settings help

Anyone can help me with the settings please thats my old ones i need to fix it to the new one but didn’t now what percentage please help if its possible.

Thanks alot 😊

Unfortunately there is no way to convert your sensitivity settings to the new % system.
(Not that I know of)

Theres also no rudder sensitivity rn in the new update, but thats being fixed in the next hotfix I believe.

To what it looks like to me
My best guess to what you need is:

  • 25% for your null settings
  • 55% for your roll settings
  • 20% for your pitch settings
  • 65% for your rudder settings (when the hotfix comes out)
    +/- 5% I thing that would be about right for your situation.

This same happened to me. it reset all my sensitivity settings, but it took about 10mins of flight testing to get a new configuration.

Hope this helps ya:)

Thanks alot mate for help anyway 😊

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