Control sensitivity

Hey, today I discovered that if I set my control sensitivity to Low its better an ill explain why.
When Im landing/ taking off with M sensitivity the plane moves hardly because of tiny moves of my hands… For example: when I rotate the plane goes vertical, when I use Low sensitivity the rotation is smooth like in real life. That’s why I decided that it’s better…
Now IFC I’d like to ask you what to you think about it? And what sensitivity rate do you use?

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I use the default sensitivities Infinite Flight provides. XD

I feel comfortable with it.

I feel like sensitivity rate is just how you would feel comfortable with it. If you are comfortable on low sensitivity, then by all means go on low sensitivity. I feel comfortable on the default sensitivity, so I will stick to that.


And doesn’t the plane move every time??

Well not for me. The plane is in pretty good control.

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Well… You don’t have such of shaky hands like mine :)

I have shaky hands, so I’ll change to low sensitivity during landing. As for takeoff, I use default settings as I only have to focus on pitching my aircraft up.

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It began when I saw a plane approaching to LLBG from my home… I saw the nose doesn’t move up and down… Now my landing is sane

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But the pilot is moving the yoke or sidestick continuously to keep it the way it should be. You can’t compare controls irl to IF, they’re different in operation but same in principle.

I’m just making my experience more realistic… In the real life the plane doesn’t push back by its own.


I fly on mid to high. All I do are pattern work, so I need lots of input.

Funny I was just thinking about this very topic…I use “Normal” on taxi and takeoff and switch to “low” during flight in preparation for landing. What I like about “low” is that I can get to the center line a bit easier but if your speed is off you need to be careful since it is harder to pull up while gaining additional speed.

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