Control Sensitivity

Hello all, I was just wondering, for the most realistic experience possible, what control sensitivity level should I operate at? Currently, I have it set at sensitivity high. Thanks for the help and advice!

—Aniket 😁

I wouldn’t care about realism here. I would just put it on what feels right for you.


Feel free to choose the most comfort you feel 😂


Well if You want more realism, get a joystick and adjust according to that.

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The “low” setting seems to be, not just easier to control the aircraft, especially on final approach, but also - and this is purely based on observation since I am not a pilot - more realistic. The normal setting, to me, is too sensitive and makes it incredibly hard to do a manual approach as any small movement affects the aircraft.


I have my joystick at normal sensitivity in the general settings and I keep my percentile sensitivity for pitch and yaw at 36% and it works amazing. I strongly agree with the comment above if it is to high you cannot control the aircraft very well even if you have very steady hands as soon as you take it off autopilot you will find it very frustrating - - go with the low :).

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