Control sensitivity settings

Hello all,
I used to set sensitivity medium. However, I just found out that with setting sensitivity medium, rolling airplanes up and down was too sensitive on my end. As a result, I set sensitivity to low. But then I found out banking left and right was a little too unsensitive . Just wonder y’all have the same issues like I do. Thanks.

You know you can set precise sensitivity setting for roll and pitch in sensitivity settings. (Under configure button)
For me I have my settings specially tuned to the MD-11 as thats what I fly most of the time.

Settings I use:
Sensitivity: Normal
Pitch: 72%
Roll: 100%
Rud: 124% (third party app needed)

(if I am flying a fighter aircraft I use high sensitivity, but keep the % settings)

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I got a question about the sensitivity. What is the difference between the small, medium, and high, and changing the sensitivity percentage?

So the % is how much your aircraft reacts to your device’s movements and sensitivity just multiples the % value less or more depending on what you have selected, Low, Mid, high, normal.

There are also deadzone settings, That allow you to set the required amount of movement by your device before a input is sent. Like if you have unsteady hands, you can set it not to register that movement.