Control Sensitivities Resetting Involuntarily

Every time I exit the app after adjusting my sensitivity controls and relaunch the app, the sensitivity controls reset back to their normal values. I fly with different sensitivities for yaw, pitch and roll so I can’t just change the sensitivity in general settings.

Is this in general or when using a yoke?

I don’t use a yoke.

How are you exiting the app? Are you pressing end flight?

Yes, then I swipe out of the app.

Do they all reset or just some of them?

Sometimes, they all reset. Most of the time, pitch and roll stay where I set them, but yaw always resets.

I am able to replicate this. I believe there may be a reason for this so let me get back to you on this.

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Anything you have been able to find relating to the issue?

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I have logged the issue.

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