Control problem

When i turn autopilot off my plane is not controlling, i can’t calibrate my plane and it’s crashing. What should i do?

Sounds like you’re not trimming.
When you turn autopilot on, usualy in like Airbus and stuff they autotrim irl, but not in IF, you need to trim yourself, and it really depends which aircraft you use, that’s because your yoke isn’t aligned with your trim and elevator, when you trim it becomes aligned sort of which allows you to fly straight even without calibrating and when disengaging autopilot. This is a simplified explenation.

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Did this happen once, or is it happening every time?

I would suggest calibrating your device before switching off the autopilot, rather than after (in steady flight, not a turn or a steep climb/descent).

You’re more likely to be in a stable flight condition with the autopilot on, and calibrating it during that time and then turning it off would keep you in the same condition.

As stated in a post above, incorrect trimming might also be a factor. Check your trim every time you fly, and make sure there’s no pink “line” on the trim selection box.

Let us know if this issue persists. A screen recording would help as well, if possible.

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