Control problem with planes feated with animated cockpit

Hello. I would like to point out a problem that often occurs to me when I choose planes that have animated cockpits e.g.: A321 - A350
It starts with an image bug when activating the “HUD”, the buttons start blinking, this happens when the cockpit camera is activated which leads me to have to change camera for a better control.
But the worst happens when I’m at cruising speed and altitude where everything gets stuck ( AP - System -NAV) making the plane uncontrollable until fuel exhaustion forcing me several times to disconnect and abandon the flight that lasted several hours.
And I suspect that only happens with planes that have animated cockpits…

Thank you in advance

That’s interesting… any chances that you might have disconnected AP?

unfortunately no, no button works it remains frozen even the AP button does not give me a hand

What device are you using?

I’m using a SAMSUNG galaxy TAB-A 8.0 (2019)
Witch is a good device for the app I think

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