Control no work

Yolk not pulling up or down no control over airplane can’t land can’t takeoff I had this problem before I forgot what I did to fix it

Try Calibrating your device

Restart app

Reinstall App

Not even suggesting the most basic like RESTART DEVICE before reinstalling? Come on ;)


Usually an app restart is enough to fix this.

If you’ve been using a third-party app recently, going into Infinite Flight Settings → Controls → Restore Defaults might be necessary.

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I tried that multiple times that didn’t work

That worked thank you

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Thank you for the help

Yes I did

If that counts lol

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Application - Infinite Flight
Device - iPhone or Android etc
very different (don’t mean to be a minimod lol)


Oh well still worked for him 🤷🏽‍♂️


Lol yeah you’re right